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Holt & Longworth has a team of solicitors specialising in criminal law. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide the urgent, high quality representation needed in the police station.

We hold a contract with the Legal Servicesí Commission which means that we can represent you free of charge in the police station regardless of your personal circumstances.

The criminal case is often won or lost at the police station, so you should always ask to speak to a solicitor, even if you are innocent of the crime and have nothing to hide.

We often hear people say that they were told by the police that speaking to a solicitor would delay their release - it isnít true! You can speak to a solicitor on the telephone, or in person, and a solicitor can very often speed the process up for you.

If you have already been charged with an offence, and have a case which goes on to the Magistratesí or Crown Courts (or beyond) then our experienced team can represent you throughout.  Again, our contract with the LSC might allow us to represent you for free depending on your circumstances, and the nature of the case.

All our representatives are qualified solicitors, accredited by the LSC to conduct criminal work so you can be sure of high quality professional representation at every stage of your case.